CCIF Team is always open to welcome helping hands willing to assist us. You will acquire a lot of experience whilst volunteering. Join our Team now.

CCIF is always looking for volunteers willing to help us during some of our concerts, festivals and events. Some of the activities that involve working with minors will be reviewed prior to vetting.

If you want to join us as a volunteer, please fill the form and our staff will contact you when an opportunity arises.


Do you want to become a volunteer?
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Why we need your help?

CCIF is doing its part but it’s not enough, with everyone doing their part we can reach and help many people.

Our love for humanity

Our relentless love for mankind makes us stand against this injustice that violets people’s basic human rights and exploits the vulnerable and needy.

Your support will bring more energy

The enthusiasm you bring to the cause will motivate us to do more for those in desperate need and lost all hope to ever be free.

We want to help to as many as we can

Your action is their hope. We want to help many that are enslaved to be free, and those free not to be enslaved. Your love and involvement is our hope.

We always believe in team

Ending human trafficking in our generation is achieved through pulling together of different skills, talents and personalities into one strong unstoppable group of  passionate people committed to the cause.