Modern Slavery Bill was launched in the UK.


CCIF Malta welcomes the changes which address the nature & scale of Human Trafficking in the UK.

As the Modern Slavery Bill was launched in Parliament on Monday 16 December in the UK by Home Secretary Theresa May, The chairman and Founder of CCIF Malta welcomes the reforms that are viewed as a great move to be emulated by other countries including Malta. The bill will see the appointment of a modern day slavery commissioner who will hold law enforcement and government bodies to account.   The Bill is critical and marks a pivotal turning point in better protection of victims, at the same time enforcing tougher measures on the criminals that exploit them. The bill also seeks commitment from British companies to be more transparent to ensure that supply chains are free from slave labour.   The Bill also seeks to introduce tougher punitive measures for those involved in trafficking and improved care provision for those trafficked in and around the UK for the purposes of exploitation such as sexual exploitation and forced labour.   Alec Douglas Bvumburah Chairman and founder of Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF Malta involved with Project Stop in raising awareness about Human Trafficking in the  Maltese Islands enthusiastically  welcomes the bill and reiterates that organisations involved in seeking an end to slavery in Malta need to jointly cooperate and work tirelessly to lobby the Maltese Government emulate the same efforts.  

Our situation in Malta is slightly different but are happy that lately increasing profile is being given to Human Trafficking. Our efforts at this point is raise interests from all stakeholders, the public, Government, NGOs to unite and toil collectively towards exterminating this horrendous, hidden and shocking crime against humanity.

CCIF being involved in fighting Human Trafficking is tracking the developments in the UK with great interest with a view to use it  as an example to be followed by other countries, We  look at the bill as a positive development that will seek to end modern day slavery and protect victims thereof in a dignified manner.   CCIF would like to see the perpetrators brought to book for their part in the heinous crime, protection of witnesses and also to ensure precise and sustainable victim welfare and support.  

We see the bill as a planned and committed effort by the UK government to exterminate Modern Day slavery to be emulated by many. In Malta we need to be drastic in our efforts as we progress and work tireless to put in place the legal framework to combat Human Trafficking.   Cross Culture International Foundation is a charitable organisation entirely funded by donations from you our partners and through Project Stop we raise awareness on human trafficking, with further work to be undertaken in the investigation, recovery and increasingly the re-settlement of victims of human trafficking.