Career Opportunities.

The training.

Our team responds to intelligence received from community local groups we are training to recognise the Indicators of trafficking.

This work enables them to assist in the rescue of victims from situations of exploitation and transfer them to aftercare providers.

Intelligence is submitted to the police and can form part of the picture where a larger organised crime cultural exists. With so many potential victims arriving on our shores from countries with deplorable policing, the need for trust between the victim and the police is of paramount importance.

To this effect we will also be rolling out anti corruption training to the Maltese Police force to make the police more prepare than capable of handling cases of human trafficking reported to them. This will help the police sift through cases that might never see the light of day.

Assistance after rescue.

Whilst not providing aftercare ourselves, we work closely with those who do, to assist in the protection and rehabilitation of victims. Follow-up phone calls and visits are made and the team tracks each individual´s progress. This relates closely to one of our aims: prosecution.