The Citizens are Speaking

The aim of this project is to engage European Union (EU) citizens on the currently highly debatable issue of immigration, with a view to encourage civic participation of citizens at Union level. The issue of immigration gained prominence as a result of the instability in the European neighbourhood area. This project will address the gap in the EU’s integration policy, including the rise in xenophobia that has increased during these last years, and the promotion of opportunities for inter-cultural engagement and volunteering at Union level.

As a result of this project, we believe that there will be change in attitudes when dealing with Third-country nationals (TCNs) and there will be more active involvement of policy makers at all levels to spearhead policy changes, to have standardized procedures throughout EU member states on how certain issues are handled. The project will include a volunteering activity, the publication of a book with personal experiences as cited by TCNs and two conferences, one in Malta and the final one in Slovenia. The conferences will cover the topics discussed in:

·        The European Neighbourhood instrument;

·        The communication paper on European Agenda for integration of TCNs;

·        Commission Staff working paper on EU initiatives supporting the integration of TCNs;

·        European Agenda for Migration; and

·        Handbook on Integration for policy-makers and practitioners.

This project is led by Cross Cultural International Foundation, will include participants from Malta, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Italy (whose logos are displayed below). The participants will come from different backgrounds, including educators, religious leaders, students, professionals, academics, politicians, minority groups and people from all walks of life. The outcomes from the project will be channelled to the policy makers, migrant lobby groups, MEPs, and national politicians from participating Member States.

The purpose of this blog is to frame policy debates on the future direction of the European  Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the issue of migration and TCNs. The aim is to consult as widely as possible with stakeholders across the EU. We will consult with civil society and think tanks, and from the social partners, business and academic communities. Interested members of the public will also have an opportunity to submit written contributions via this blog and through focus groups and discussions in various Member States. The consultation on these documents is foreseen until the end of June 2016 when we wind up the project and submit our findings.

Please feel free to log in and share your ideas, concerns, issues that are bothering you as European citizens. Please note that this is a public forum, we will not tolerate any kind of hate speech or any comments that may be considered libelous.       

The outcomes of the project:

TCAS Migrant Stories Book

TCAS Policy Recommendations on integration of third-country nationals

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