Human trafficking is a $150 billion global industry that depends on legitimate businesses and systems to operate. Nonprofit and government stakeholders alone do not have the resources to compete against an adversary of that magnitude. If we want to make a dent, we need to fight back at equivalent scale. That can only be achieved if those same businesses that unwittingly make trafficking possible participate in the solution. Financial support is important but so is real partnership – actual, active engagement and effort to consider how business practices unwittingly – but regularly – intersect with traffickers, victims, and survivors of sex and labor trafficking.

CCIF- ‘ProjectStop’ seeks partnerships with companies that are committed to slavery-proofing their sector. We develop customised, sustainable, service-oriented, and survivor-centric corporate partnerships that achieve tangible results and deliver value to our partners while furthering our mission to eradicate human trafficking. Learn more about CCIF- ‘ProjectStop’ and our Corporate Partnership Program contact