Press Release – Through Other Eyes

The objectives of the project are as follows : – To raise awareness on the rights of migrants, with regard to the expression of their culture through 1 virtual awareness raising campaign concert and 2 virtual cultural festivals on informing the public on the cultural differences of African diaspora groups in Malta. – To bring

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Why should you support CCIF Malta? Since our formation, we have strongly pursued one goal – to make a difference and help transform our communities from everything we do. Through a number of critical programs Mainly Projectstop – Human Trafficking awareness or Modern day Slavery, Street Angels, Helpline food bank, Internet safety, Disaster Relief, Migration

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“It started with me choosing to be practical by engaging my neighbours, realising that I can be the difference in my community by positively influencing one life at a time. I didn’t need to go far as there is needs all around us. We’ve brought together a multi-disciplinary team made up of full time staff,