‘Projectstop’ is making waves, it’s a preventative awareness initiate that will develop tools aimed to invest, help people and change lives by reaching out and empowering vulnerable groups in our community on the dangers of human trafficking.

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We’re truly humbled by your relentless support of the work we do. Your pledge is going to make a life changing difference to someone’s – give them freedom and a second chance to life. To pledge your anniversary/birthday etc. just lets us by filing a simple form and make noise about it. We’ll give all

Climb for life

Climb for life is not simply about climbing mountains; it’s a symbol of the struggle that 40 million men, women and children face every day in slavery. It’s a voice for those who have none, a way to influence those around you to take action and address this injustice. ‘The pain I felt climbing Mt.

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We will do what it calls to ending modern slavery and our fantastic pool of speakers are ready to share the message and inspire you to action.

Fundraise to end Trafficking

CCIF through ‘Projectstop’ is here to help end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, advocating for change, training and educating all, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.