Forced prostitution

It is when a person is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation and may be controlled by violence threats, substance abuse, deception or grooming. It is a form of slavery and involuntary servitude resulting in grave human rights violations, including the right to life, security of person and freedom from torture.

Forced labour

Vulnerable people are being forced to perform labour or other services for others against their will. Forced labour is modern day slavery. Workers are fearful, unable to escape and simply struggling to survive. Right here in Malta, unscrupulous employers make use of a severe form of exploitation involving deception and coercion of the workers.

Forced marriage

Forced marriage has been recently considered as human trafficking due to the absence of autonomy for the victim, the abuse present in many forced marriages and the inability for many to leave. In 2018, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimated that 15.4 million people were in situations of forced marriage and that 84 percent of the victims were girls and women.

Child abduction

Each year, millions of children are abducted from their country and sold for forced labour, slavery, illicit international adoption, trafficking for early marriage, child soldier, begging, recruitments for cults, or the removal of organs.

Selling baby

Some traffickers seek out the poor and the vulnerable, in order to convince mothers to sell their infants to rich couples.

Forced child beggar

Forced child begging, one of the most visible forms of human trafficking, completely violates the basic human rights protection framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Moreover, studies have found that handicapped children bring more money, which leads to forced mutilations and amputations.

Human cage

There are so many kinds of exploitations, and human trafficking victims are not all kept in cages and chains. However, it exists and we have to warn against this awful treatment.

Organ harvesting

Organ harvesting happens when a person is trafficked and specifically chosen for the havesting of organs or tissues, such as kidneys, liver etc. without consent, to be sold.

Trafficking boat

Boats play an important role in Human Trafficking since smugglers may promise a better life outside the country and may thereby involve some migrants in human trafficking networks. 

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