We are a group of passionate people with one sole aim: to stop Human Trafficking through preventative awareness, advocacy, training and education, and providing assistance in order to rescue and restore lives.

” What makes CCIF distinctly unique is the people who make the CCIF team which is making a powerful impact upon our local community.

We’re continually bringing together highly experienced and competent staff to pioneer innovative, efficient and effective strategies that make so much difference to victims, our funding partners, project partners and all our stakeholders. I am humbled, honoured and proud of the sacrifices made each day through the work they do.”

Alec Douglas Bvumburah

Malta Team

Alec Douglas Bvumburah

Hedwig Bvumburah

Mariza Luxon

Antonio Gomez

Global Team

Peter Mabasa

Tonderai Gotora

Susan Changawe

Chrisley Chiwaya

Davison Muchenje


Raymond Nyamuriya

Board of administration

Alec Douglas Bvumburah (Chairman/Founder)
Moira Dillon
Hedwig Bvumburah
Tendwayi bvumburah

“For me it all started that one day we sat in Church next to two teenage victims of human trafficking that I made a commitment to stop human  trafficking here in Malta but the vision is big and needs to spread to the source and transit countries where the victims are coming from.”

Hedwig Bvumburah

Treasurer- Co-Founder

Join the Freedom fighters

We’re passionate to stop Human Trafficking and make a difference to our communities. Come join us.

We’re strongly committed to stopping human trafficking in this generation; there’s no high calling
and challenge like this. Why not join us and define the destiny of vulnerable people
and leave a legacy through your skills, experience and expertise? We are making
waves and inroads towards a world free of human trafficking and we need you on board.