Human trafficking is a $150 billion global industry that robs 25 million people around the world of their freedom. Alone, the Government of Malta can’t end this. Neither can CCIF Malta and other non-profit advocates. It will take all of us – business, law enforcement, government and community – to change the systems, the laws, the biases, and the underlying social structures that make human trafficking possible and profitable.

Together with our partners from all these sectors, we are reimagining a comprehensive, local and targeted response to human trafficking based in our shared commitment to ensuring every human being has a chance to live in freedom and with dignity.

Our Funding Partners

Companies or Funding Organisations which support us in money or  kind :

Partnership values are comprised of cash and/or in-kind annually. Cross Culture International Foundation is named after the thought that our responses are aimed addressing the problem across multinational target groups in Malta and also Collaborate with International players as well as extending our work from Malta to other Countries. Our partners are acknowledged in the Project Publicity and events.

Our project partners

CCIF has worked and collaborated with many local and transnational partners since June 2012. The project partners range from Institutions of higher learning, Civic and local Government Authorities, Associations, Private companies and Government Authorities. We continue to build strong linkages we can take leverage to achieve our objectives.

Do you want to cooperate with CCIF in initiatives of common interests? Fill our Partner Information Form – PIF and be included in our Potential Partner Dater base in the event of us needing and partners we will 1st look without Partner database.